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Mysterious beings are created every day that passes,
Be it through hurried and chopped language,
Or a pair of glossy ink and byrel sunglasses.
For some, the article is an easy and swift anchorage,
Or, very simply, another important appendage.
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Romance and Detective Fiction
Essay Three:  Where Serpents Sleep
CS Harris' novel, Where Serpents Sleep, is a contemporarily-written mystery dating back to England in 1812 during the British Regency and Georgian periods.  It centers around Viscount Sebastian St. Cyr, a professional detective on a indefinite hiatus after learning that the love of his life was actually his half-sister.  He is well-bred and fits the  clichéd role of a brooding and loner gentleman that no woman can seem to get her hands on.  Opposite him is Lady Hero Jarvis, the  daughter of Sebastian's political enemy.  She is bull-headed and rebellious and is often found in the streets, fighting wars for those whose voice cannot be heard.  In this novel, Hero finds herself in the midst of a family scandal.  Witnessing the professional murder of a prostitute who was possibly royalty, Rachel, she makes it her mission to discover who she was, why she turned to
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Narrative Analysis: POVs
Essay Two:  Narrative Analysis
Sacred Clowns:  The Utilization of Multiple Point of Views
Set in the Navajo reservation in the states Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, Tony Hiller-man's detective novel Sacred Clowns offers a thrilling tale of multiple murders as well as a small cultural lesson.  Centered around the murder of a kachina clown, a teacher, a fatal hit-and-run case, and a missing boy, the story involves Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee.  If only Chee were to be investigating both of these crimes, the story would have become slow and meticulous, while this way we have more characters to focus on and more threads to connect.  In the end, a more interesting story that we as readers have connections to.  Throughout the story the point of view switches between these two men – at some points it may seem, as Lisa Zun-shine said, too "cognitively expensive" (Flatt, sld 8).  However, Hillerman does a
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Chrctr Analysis of Major Blunt
Essay One:  Character Analysis
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd:  Major Hector Blunt
Centered around the suspicious murder of a wealthy businessman, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is a gripping detective mystery told through the point of view of Dr. Sheppard.  We are introduced to a myriad of characters – including one Major Hector Blunt, a close friend of Roger Ackroyd who had been visiting the area at the time of the murder.  Blunt is pinpointed as a suspect throughout the novel when in fact it was the narrator himself who committed the  crime.
Blunt is an extremely quiet but remarkably impressionable older gentleman.  He adds a diversity to the cast of characters and a bit of intrigue.  What does this man have to hide?  Why does he speak so little, even to defend his honor as an innocent man?  He rarely ever speaks, but when he does his words are meaningful and during the most memorable scenes
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Wangerin by sadie-leona Wangerin :iconsadie-leona:sadie-leona 0 0 Watercolour Flower by sadie-leona Watercolour Flower :iconsadie-leona:sadie-leona 3 0
Your hand reaches out and I think that you are there
But the next minute you are gone and it feels so unfair
I didn’t ask for this, I thought we said goodbye
But here you are, spewing all of those lies
Hold on to me, you said, If you’re ready to fall, I’m right here
Trust me.  Trust me like you did before. I’ve always been that cure
I thought you could be, I thought maybe you were the one
But instead of catching me in your arms it was a piece of my heart gone
Falling, Falling, Falling
I see the ground tripping
Your dark shadow’s there
But all you do is stand and stare
I can very well see that blood-red light blinking
I wish you knew every thought that I was thinking
Maybe you would see it, the things I saw run aground
You don’t want to see if there was someone else I found
I’m starting to pull back – it’s hard, but I’m really trying
I think I could do it so much better without all of this damn crying
And I’ll have to see
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Safebreakin' - Prologue
With a grunt of anguish and deep-rooted pain, Caden lifted himself onto his elbows and pushed himself towards me, his head resting against my blood-spattered shoulder.  His hot, labored breathing was the only sound I could hear beyond the cacophonous boom boom of my own heart.
“Well, Baze,” Caden panted, his eyes aberrantly focused on mine, “we’ve made it this far, ‘eh?”
Shadows played around my sight and I fought to keep my vision steady.  “Yeah,” I smiled, closing my eyes against the sharp pains, “they’ll make a legacy out of us, won’t they?”
“Just like Bonnie and Clyde,” Caden whispered with a smile.
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Safebreakin' On Pier 98 by sadie-leona Safebreakin' On Pier 98 :iconsadie-leona:sadie-leona 0 0 Jorge Oswaldo by sadie-leona Jorge Oswaldo :iconsadie-leona:sadie-leona 1 0 Keeping Tabs by sadie-leona Keeping Tabs :iconsadie-leona:sadie-leona 0 0 Speak Truth by sadie-leona Speak Truth :iconsadie-leona:sadie-leona 0 0 Safe Harbor by sadie-leona Safe Harbor :iconsadie-leona:sadie-leona 1 0
Lost Boys FF, Chap. 15
I swooped into the Cave with speed and threw Logan’s body onto the stone floor, catching the attention of my other brothers.  They looked at me in shock.  "Logan!" Paul exclaimed, jumping forward.  "Who killed Logan?!"
"I did," I muttered, rubbing my eyes.
"What?" Dwayne asked, stepping forward.
"He tried to kill my girlfriend," I shouted, pressing my face into the crick of my elbow.  The shock of what I had witnessed, done, and didn't do hit me.  
"Girlfriend?" All of them - except Dwayne- asked in unison.  "What girlfriend?  The bitch at Fisher‘s?!"  I turned and headed out of the Cave.  "Where are you going?"  Marco asked, grabbing my elbow.  "You can't leave - the sun will be up in less than an hour."
I pulled away from his grasp.  "I want that," I pointed towards Logan's body, now being hovered over by poor Paul, "out of here by the time I get back."
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Take On Me by sadie-leona Take On Me :iconsadie-leona:sadie-leona 0 0
These are my newest deviations. They do not necessarily depict my overall style. Please browse my gallery - even briefly - to see my works and read a few of my writings.


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Sadie Leona Berger
United States
I'm Sadie from the UP of MI. I live in Marinette, WI with my boyfriend and our two cats Leia and Zelda (I didn't name them!). I am attending UWM to get my associates degree while working as a writing tutor before transferring to UWGB to start my career in English and Holocaust history. I love country and eighties music!

Current Residence: The U.P. (that's Upper Michigan - NOT the "mitten" part, idiots (x) )
Favourite genre of music: Anything from the 50s to 80s and some of the new
Operating System: HP Pavillion Ent. PC notebook -hugs laptop-
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Sea Shells are brilliant
Favourite cartoon character: the whole Zits strip . . .
  • Listening to: Lady A
  • Drinking: Dr. Peppah makes the world taste bettah
Country music and is the bomb.


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Is Holocaust history an actual major? I'm still in hs so I wouldn't know. I was just shocked that that would still be a whole <major>.
You do realize that you won't make much money off that? If you go to apply for a job, the only thing you score by majoring in Holocaust History is if a Jew is owning the business (which is common), or in which case the whole world needs to rewrite more interesting things (probably propaganda) about the Holocaust since it seems it's been known about for what, 70, 80 years?

I'm just curious, and heavily biased.

Also thanks for joining 8NS8 :D
sadie-leona Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010
Yes it is a major. It is specializing in Holocaust history, so I would know more than the average person on the Holocaust. Dates, details, what went down where, who wore what in what part of Europe, etc. Most people wouldn't know the specifics of what happened where, only the major points. It is breaking down the whole situation and ANALYZING it. Ever watch a documentary about the Holocaust? Those people talking about it who weren't there or who aren't relation of them are Holocaust historians (or WWII historians or Jewish religion historians, list goes on). With it, and depending what major you couple it with, you could edit Holocaust fiction, be a consultant on movies/documentaries, teach it (in bigger universities there are classes dedicated just to it). Within Holocaust history you also learn the history of the Jewish religion and most often the state of Europe in the early 1900s to current, so a Holocaust historian is more than likely able to teach/be an authoritative figure on Jewish religion, European history, WWII history, etc. The branches from it are endless.

Depending on where you end up, you would actually make quite a lot of money from being a Holocaust historian. It is a growing market. Even if I didn't, I am not the kind of person that has to have the next biggest thing. I don't strive for monetary gain. I grew up in poor-people country -- I am used to and can get by quite well with below-average living situations, vehicles, and things.
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